Scott Brandon Hoffman is like a stick of self help dynamite AND laughter ready to explode. He’s committed to elevating consciousness, uncovering truth, AND finding the funny. Scott infuses a unique and innovative blend of life changing wisdom, stories, rants, crazy characters, AND outrageous comedy that’s deep, edgy, heartfelt, raw, and provocative.

His shows, talks, productions, and other creative endeavors, provide a one of a kind Multi-Media Entertainment Experience, with a cool and hip Hollywood vibe that empowers, inspires, uplifts, and stirs the human soul…a powerful one two punch that transforms and entertains audiences worldwide.

Learn more about Scott’s journey from stock options trader to conscious artist and entertainer.

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I tour, perform, and speak regularly all over the US and internationally.
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“Man, you ARE the future. Humor and truth are potent partners, one of THE most unique voices and humorists ANYWHERE, fantastic Scott, fantastic.”

Stephen Simon

Producer of “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams And Cuba Gooding Jr.