Writer, Producer, Speaker, Comedian, And Visionary.

It’s Like Oprah And Robin Williams Had A Kid.

(Try not to visualize that.)

Yep, the dude’s deep AND a little off.


Scott’s an Original, Funny, EDGY,  Big Hearted, PROVOCATIVE,  Irreverent, and much needed FRESH NEW VOICE who is creating quite a buzz internationally in both the Entertainment Industry as well as the Human Potential movement.

He’s part philosopher and modern day mystic, motivator, intuitive (go figure), bad boy, rockstar, visionary, AND comedian who empowers AND entertains people all over the world by uncovering the truth, sharing wisdom, telling it like it is, and bringing some sanity and laughter to all the madness; while chanting “screw the status quo,” and inspiring us to WAKE UP, but in a funny AND  empowering way that everybody can relate to.

He’s a true trailblazer, renaissance dude, and a (hip, raw, and unfiltered) entertainer, producer, and storyteller who brings his unique, innovative, and original blend from the heart of Thought Provoking, Inspirational, AND In Your Face Life Changing Wisdom, All Laced With Outrageous Comedy and Entertainment; a powerful one-two punch.

*Scott’s New Book, One Man Play, TV and Radio Show, and Film are currently in development and are scheduled to be released in 2014* 

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