About Scott

Scott Brandon Hoffman

Scott is being called a Spiritual Bad Boy and “Shaman in the Guise of a Comedian.” He’s an “Un-Guru” who will make you THINK deeply and QUESTION everything, AND at the same time, laugh out loud.

Along with his self deprecating humor, wisdom, and stories from his own journey, he’s a true Rebel, Maverick, Renegade, and Warrior at heart, who’s on a mission to shine a spotlight on the truth right into humanity’s heart, and to be a catalyst for change, while ALSO pointing out the absurdity, humor, and hilarity of it all along the way.

He’s Bold, Politically and Spiritually Incorrect, Inspirational, Irreverent, Uplifting, Edgy, Funny, Outrageous, and definitely an “Original Thinker,” who just flat out REFUSES to be molded into the concrete of conformity, or swallowed up into the hypnotic trance of the status quo and untruths, and helps others take back their power, find their way back to the truth, AND laugh at the dramas.

He’s not afraid of ““Rattling a few Cagesand “Busting Old Paradigms wide open” (reminiscent of the late great Bill Hicks and George Carlin), as he delivers his messages and entertainment completely Raw, Uncensored, Uncompromised, Unfiltered, Unplugged, And Undefended.

Behind every work of art, conversation, story, joke, and rant, the heart of his quest is to be in service to empowering people, as well as uncovering the hidden truths, agenda’s and untruths that we’re being sold and bringing that out into the open; “fully exposed” for us to freely examine, laugh at, and hopefully transcend and make the world a better place, (or at the very least a lot funnier.)

He will move you, make you think, laugh out loud, open your heart, and want to rise up and be a better human, while eloquently reminding you to lighten up and not take ANY of this “human stuff” too seriously because…“It’s Just a Ride.”

Extended Bio and Scott’s Story

Scott after performing Improv Comedy on Stage with Wayne Brady from Drew Carey's "Whose Line is it Anyway"

Scott after performing on Stage with Wayne Brady from Drew Carey's "Whose Line is it Anyway"

Scott’s trained in Improv comedy from the world famous Groundlings in Hollywood, Stand up comedy from the Greg Dean School of comedy, and has performed on stage and produced shows with A-list stars like Wayne Brady, Bret Ernst, and Bobby Lee from Mad TV, as well as many other stars from HBO, Showtime, and Comedy Central.

So you can always expect a laugh, no matter how deep the subject.

Scott and Hulk Hogan. "Yeah, I ALMOST kicked his ass, but he's such a nice guy, we just hugged instead."

Scott with his buddy Kyle Cease, Comedy Central Comedian of the year and fellow Conscious Comedy Trailblazer!

Scott’s part of “Comedy Tweets” on Twitter along side the comic Elites like Ben Stiller, Bill Cosby, Dane Cook, Drew Carey, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, John Cleese, Kevin Nealon, Larry David, Rainn Wilson, Tracey Morgan, And Stephen Colbert.

He is a co-author of the book, “The Code” with T. Harv Eker, and stars from “The Secret” Joe Vitale and Marie Diamond, and has a new book, TV show, and Feature Film, among many other projects in development and pre-production.


Scott also, finished in the semi finals, (top 1/2%) 20 out of 4000 people, in the high profile “Next Top Author Contest” created by James Twyman and Hampton Roads, (publisher of Neale Donald Walsch’s runaway hits “Conversations With God”) with his upcoming book:

Living In A Human Suit”

‘One Man’s Heartfelt, Hilarious, and Irreverent Romp Through Self Help Hell, the Search For God and the Meaning Of Life (or something like it.)’

Scott and the amazing master teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith

He also loves that he gets to work with, partner with, and hang out with some of the coolest artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries on the planet, some of the biggest names in personal development, social media, internet marketing, and the entertainment industries.

Scott and his good friend Cynthia Kersey of the "Unstoppable" franchise and foundation.

Scott’s Story

Scott walked away from an unfufilling, soul deadening, and very lucrative million dollar a year career at the age of 27 , his mom thought he was nuts, (and still does) to go on a personal quest to pursue and find his purpose, passions, and the meaning of life, and it has been a CRAZY, Enlightening, Painful, Beautiful, AND Hilarious journey down the Rabbit Hole.

His Life Is A Cross Between The Matrix, Curb Your Enthusiasm, And Seinfeld.

Scott with the legendary Les Brown

Scott has now dedicated his life to a fierce and eager willingness to continue to learn, grow, evolve and Transform, as well as sharing what he learns with others through deep connections to their hearts, souls, self expression, and embracing outrageous fun and laughter, an elixir that breaks down barriers and walls to the truth.

As he says in his soon to be completed Book, One Man Show, and Film, “Living In A Human Suit”…One man, One Mission…A Lot of Pain…

“At the age of 27, I was a Millionaire Living the American Dream…Then I found God, Self Help, and Dr Phil…and Have Been F#*ked Up Ever Since.”


 A tongue in cheek statement that is also filled with a lot of truth about how too much self help, analysis, and information overload, as well as reliance on instant gratification and “so called experts and Guru’s” with quick fixes and magic formulas, ultimately is a dead end street, and a recipe for pain…

So is being too damn serious, trying to be “perfect” or trying to “fix yourself”…you’re NOT broken and never have been.

He truly has a passion for making people think deeply, see life from a different perspective, AND to lighten up and laugh out loud in the process…and to NOT take any of this Human “stuff” too seriously, because in the end, all that really matters is how did you live, how did you love, and how many followers you had on Twitter.

Scott’s Passion and Vision

“To create, and produce a body of life changing work as an artist, entrepreneur, entertainer, host, filmmaker, and producer that will have a major impact on millions of people on the planet to help transform their lives (as well as to entertain them) by combining his biggest loves; Spirituality, Human Potential, Success, Comedy, and Multi-Media Entertainment.”

Scott’s Purpose

“To Share and Reflect the Heart, Soul, Wisdom, AND Comedy of Being Human.”

Scott’s Mission

“To Inspire, Wake Up, Elevate, Empower, and Entertain” a Worldwide Audience into Living their full potential and truth while having outrageous fun.

Why Empowerment AND Entertainment?

After he moved to Los Angeles and Hollywood, Scott saw early on that the entertainment industry is a medium that has huge global impact, but is often missing the most important element, “The Human Soul,” and much of the personal development and the success industry (and their teachers), while some making a big difference in people’s lives, are missing KEY points about what it REALLY takes to be successful AND most teachings are WAY too serious, dry, and boring…

It’s time to bring the cool factor, hipness, and outrageous fun back to it, while being able to laugh at the absurdity of it all as we raise the bar on Humanity.

The Search for the Holy Grail

Scott has spent over 15 years on a Personal Quest to uncover and find the illusive “It,” whatever “It” was…Searching for the meaning and purpose of life (or something like it), so Life could finally begin the way all the Guru’s had promised.

Realizing that there’s more than meets the eye, he ultimately surrendered and voluntarily inducted himself into what he has coined as “The Self Help Hell Hall of Fame.™ “

Yep…Scott’s a recovering “Self Help Addict” (and damn proud of it too, well sort of) and the poster child who has learned to walk the path with a deep reverence and hunger, a passion for sharing his wisdom, knowledge, and life lessons, and doing it all with an irreverent wicked sense of humor and play; a much needed one two punch to survive and thrive the Beautiful, Twisted, Outrageous and Crazy path of being Human.

He’s read over 800 Personal and Spiritual development, Psychology, and Success books, attended hundreds of seminars with top Gurus, Ancient Wisdom, and Success teachers from all over the world, and participated in VERY “Strange” activities, such as:

Getting “Rolfed” by a man with large hands, meeting a guy named Cinnamon, being pursued as a client by a Suicidal Life Coach, and getting (the now famous) “Spiritual Haircut,” don’t ask.


Couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried folks.


Nothing Like Swallowing A Little Fire To Spice Things Up!

He now says:

“My point is that, I don’t NEED to dance on a donkey in the desert at midnight and chant OM 12 times to be happy or successful, although, I do like to do it naked on full moon nights, but hey, that’s just me.”


He’s also  wondering if he fooled ANY of you to believe that this third person Bio was actually written by somebody important and famous as opposed to me.