Scott’s a fresh, original, and much needed voice and talent in the day and age of people being forced into “tight, boring, and predictable boxes.” He’s an inspirational artist, songwriter, comedian, writer, producer, filmmaker, and spiritual revolutionary, who’s radically shaking up the self help and entertainment industries, and the world.

He has a fan base that spans the globe, including the US, Australia, Canada, UK, and Europe.

He’s performed and produced shows all over the US and internationally, and has taken the stage with celebrities like Wayne Brady (from Drew Carey’s Whose Line Is It Anyway), and produced shows with people such as Bret Ernst, Bobby Lee (from Mad TV), and many other stars from HBO, Showtime, and Comedy Central.

So you can always expect a laugh, no matter how deep the subject.

Scott’s a frequent guest on radio and TV shows across the web, he’s a co-author of “The Code” along side multiple authors from the hit movie “the Secret” as well as many other top visionaries.

He’s written for the Hollywood Journal, The Good Men Project, Soul and Spirit Magazine (in the UK), and Natural News among others, and his new book is in the hands of his amazing literary agent.

Scott’s coached, mentored, and trained thousands of people from all walks of life to uncover AND live their truth and life purpose, and is a trusted adviser, colleague, and friend to many high profile visionaries, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities that are making a huge difference in the world.

He was trained at the world famous Groundlings in Hollywood, Second City Chicago, the Greg Dean School of comedy, and can be seen performing on the stage at Finest City Improv in San Diego regularly.

He has read over 1000 books on self help, ancient wisdom, psychology, and success, and has studied with countless (and sometimes showerless) gurus across the world.

Scott became a millionaire at the age of 28 as a stock options trader, and then walked away from it all to pursue his personal quest for truth, purpose, and creative self expression; (why his mother said, why?!)

One of his main intentions is to empower and transform humanity by helping relieve suffering through truth, laughter, and multi media entertainment; to be a catalyst for change, while ALSO pointing out the absurdity, humor, and hilarity of it all along the way.

He lives in San Diego, loves raw foods, evolving, growing, and the Divine Comedy of life. Scott loves inspiring and waking people up, making them cry AND laugh (until it hurts), yeah he’s got issues.

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