The video below, which is funny as hell, (and I HIGHLY recommend that you watch it all the way through to get the FULL dose), ALSO has immense wisdom, power, and TRUTH in it.

Do NOT take it lightly, well DO take it lightly by laughing your ass off which is always good, but there is truly something here beyond the parody and the laughter that is SO simple and profound, and why I come back to it over and over in my own life and my work.

The challenge is that we humans like to make things WAY too complicated because we do like a good drama and we’ll argue to the death of “what is” instead of knowing that it’s a story, and telling a NEW story until it becomes your reality and the way you’d like it to be or better.

Luckily, you can turn drama and pain into comedy with just a choice, (which is my favorite and I’ve done it with all my sh*t for years), THEN you can take that, once you’re out of your crap, or at least laughing at it, into a life changing bad ass truth that can and WILL change your life and serve you forever.


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After ALL the time on my path reading over 800 books (and counting, OY!), studying ancient wisdom, success, and truths with all the teachers, gurus, and Shamans around the world, (while simultaneously buffing my Aura until it’s shiny and bright, a never ending feat), I’ve come to the core of it which all stems from this, we’ve forgotten who we REALLY are and actually believe the bullsh*t stories that we’re telling ourselves, most that we picked up and bought into from everyone else.


NONE of it is true at the highest level. Yes it may suck, YES it may feel painful, and YES it may feel REAL as can be, BUT it’s still not real.

That’s the good news.

We’re REALLY good at telling the stories too. I had a wild one last Saturday that was messing with me, and I almost let it take me down, but I ALWAYS come back to the truth because I KNOW who I am, and in my personal Universe, it’s ALL a story, EVERY freakin’ thing we buy into is a story, and life is “Just A Ride,” a big beautiful, ride, where we as Infinite Spirits strapped on Human Suits to play the Human Game of expansion, contrast, waking up, and enjoying the whole ride, bitch-slaps and all.

But you can save yourself A LOT of pain by remembering the Truth about you, and that YOU are an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL Being, SO powerful, that you can full yourself into actually believing that you’re ANYTHING other than Infinite, Divine, and Eternal, who is made from PURE Love and Joy.

Now go shine, and remember, if you’re telling yourself a nice story, ESPECIALLY one that you’ve been telling for years and years and years, STOP IT! Get Over It! And start to tell a new one that feels REALLY good, and don’t stop until you OWN it.


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“When one door closes, another one opens, but the hallways are a bitch.

This is one of my favorite metaphors which is “conveniently” NOT talked about by the Gurus and New Agers.

Why do I love this and why do I bring it up? Because I’ve lived in the hallways throughout different periods of my life, everyone has. If you’re human, you’ve experienced some sort of pain, struggle, and being lost in your life, and there’s A LOT of fluff out there, (great wisdom too), BUT there are some truths missing that aren’t talked about much.


It’s about what actually happens in between the seminars, quitting the job, reading the books, raising your frequency, taking the how to make money course, chanting naked, (is that just me?), setting goals, $25,000 coaching programs, hopping up and down on one foot with your pendulum, and asking crystals if it’s OK to eat chocolate, of course it’s OK, it’s freakin’ chocolate!

It’s called life.

Self Help Hell anyone?


I’ve been on the “Path” for close to 20 years now living deep in the trenches. It’s been CRAZY, Enlightening, Painful, Beautiful, AND a Hilarious journey. I’ve received my share of wisdom, AND I’ve received more than my share of bitch slaps by the Universe, thanks for that Universe.

I’ve read over 800 self help, spiritual, psychology, and success books, studied with countless, (and sometimes showerless) Gurus from all over the world, I’ve been Rolfed by a man with VERY large hands, walked on fire, swallowed fire, been pursued by a “suicidal life coach,”and even had a Spiritual Haircut once, (don’t ask). I’ve had the the topless Genie from the Secret eyeballing me saying your wish is my command wearing nothing but a pair of knickers, (put on a shirt dude, THAT’S my first wish, then maybe we can talk).

I’ve experienced euphoria, bliss, and miracles, as well as having a dark decade of the soul, and several mid life crisis’s by the time I was 30.

I’ve SEEN and done it all.

All the Law of Attraction and the next hot “fix yourself” trend can and WILL drive you crazy if you don’t begin to see beyond some of the fluff, including our made up stories and illusions that we let run our lives, (which is a whole other post.)

The good news is that it ALL gets much easier when you start seeing, living, and practicing the truth, AND when you can lighten up and learn to laugh at your own dramas (AKA sh*t), because they ain’t going away, no matter how evolved we become, there’s always higher to go and more spiritual shenanigans to plow through.

It’s ALL just a ride anyway.


I’m ALWAYS learning and uncovering new wisdom and material from my own life and from the lives of my coaching and mentoring clients, friends, and family, which is useful for upcoming talks and comedy shows, which all come from real life.


My insane journey will all DEFINITELY be fully exposed in my NEW one man show and movie based on my upcoming memoir:


“Living In A Human Suit ™” One man’s heartfelt, hilarious, and irreverent romp through self help hell, the search for God, and the meaning of Life.”


Living Our Truth, it’s NON NEGOTIABLE.

At the end of the day, I’m a big fan of truth and not being afraid to look it square in the eye and stare it down; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I used to hide from it, avoid it, and run from it, even numb myself out and distract myself from it, now I crave it. It’s the ONLY way to bust through the illusions, dramas, lies, and challenges of our lives, and get to the core of our potential.

I personally think that’s what makes a true leader now is someone who not only has great wisdom, a powerful message, real life lessons to share, and a sense of humor about this whole human thing, but ALSO who shows their true humanity and humility; people who are NOT afraid to step up and share their stories, struggles, challenges, and truths without wearing a mask or spewing out fluff and leaving out the REALITIES of being human, thus the hallway metaphor.

I’m not interested in talking to someone hiding behind a mask, and I’m definitely not interested in wearing one. Neither should you. I’m interested in BEING who we REALLY are, Infinite Spirits who strapped on Human Suits to play the Human Game, who just so happen to have a few ummm, challenges and flaws that come with being in a Human Suit and having a douche who lives in our head that doesn’t stop flapping its gums and telling stories and lies trying to protect itself, bless the little Ego, it does try to keep us small.

Sometimes despite all the prayer, chanting, doing the 10 steps, and raising your vibrations, life will STILL smack you now and then, and sometimes longer if you ignore the lesson or forget who you are, and that’s OK, so stop beating yourself up. I did that for a long time when I used to think there was something wrong with me because I was doing EVERYTHING that “they” said, and it wasn’t working as perfect as they claimed it would be.

A lot of people feel like they’re left out in the cold and they’re made to feel like there’s something wrong with them; I know because I was one of them. I thought I was broken and needed someone to fix me for years; thus the 800 books and my rocking journey through self help hell.

I felt like I just didn’t fit in, or ever felt at home here, truth be told, I still feel like an outsider at times, I think it’s part of you waking up and goes with the territory of swallowing the red pill, and seeing this “ride” for what it is. It can mess with your head AKA ego, which ultimately is a good thing for Evolution, not so good if you’re a SleepWalker content with the status quo and mediocrity.

I think that the industry by default makes a pre-supposition that we’re broken and need to be fixed, which is total bullsh*t, we just need to deprogram ourselves from the fears, lies, and limiting beliefs that we’ve been filled with for generations, AND to not be too sucked in by some of the over zealous and over simplified marketing ploys that give us false expectations about how fast and easy things are to shift. They do work, and personally I’ve grown tremendously over the years, and still do every single day.

I’ve learned that after a long period of struggle and challenges in my own life, that developing the ability to get real, stop and tell ourselves the truth in any given moment, see things from a different vantage point, surrender, AND to be able to laugh at even our most painful and traumatic situations can be truly cathartic. It can ALSO heal our pain and deliver deep transformational wisdom as well as a new perspective on life in the process.

Being able to find the truth AND the humor in our own crap is truly life changing.

This post is just a flare sent out into the night skies, a message, a shout out for anyone feeling stuck in their lives to say, that there is NOTHING wrong with you. EVERY moment is a chance to pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, uncover the truth, and to look for the funny as much as you can while you rock on your journey.

Part of my work is to help remind people like you to realize that you’re NOT alone, there’s some things that are NOT being said that need to, that you’re an EXTREMELY powerful Being even if you forget, AND to remind you to lighten up and not take it all so seriously, then we can take a look at what’s going down and start changing our stories to the way we choose them to be while having a good laugh on the way back to our truth.

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