Scott’s worked with High Level CEO’s, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Artists, Celebrities, Entertainers, Multi-Millionaires, and People from All Walks Of Life. He specializes in empowering people who are Conscious, Soul Driven, and Big Hearted. People who are looking to OWN and LIVE their TRUTH, their Authentic Self Expression, and their true LIFE PURPOSE, which will in turn, help them to exponentially UP THEIR LIVES in EVERY area imaginable.

Part of my 20+ year transformational, creative, and entrepreneurial journey includes working with some AMAZING people, and having the honor and opportunity to help change thousands of lives from all over the world.

I coach, advise, and mentor on a very limited and exclusive basis, but I ALWAYS do my best to make room to work with a small number of AWESOME, Conscious, Purpose driven, and Successful Bad Asses ready for a whole NEW LEVEL.

People who truly inspire me, people that are ALREADY SUCCESSFUL and are REALLY ready to change and UP their lives to the NEXT LEVEL, breakthrough the old sh*t, and are interested in being 100% AUTHENTIC in their lives.

You feel a calling to make a HUGE difference in the world, to STRETCH, to DREAM BEYOND what you’ve ever dreamed was possible, to have EVERYTHING that you want in life, but you may have issues or “stories” that block you or keep you stuck around OWNING your AUTHENTIC POWER, living your CORE TRUTH, and so you subconsciously continue to run the old patterns that have run your whole life, and burying a part of yourself deep down in the process that ultimately creates a haunting pain, a longing, a calling, searching, KNOWING that there’s something else.

I especially LOVE to work with you because you’ve “Made It To The Top” but feel like something is missing, like there’s a void in your life, in your Soul, a deep knowing that there’s more life and truth for you, and you might not know even know what it is yet, other than it is massively important that you find it. You NOW want to UNCOVER the next level, to FEED THAT URGE and uncover YOUR TRUE DESTINY and Purpose, and let your SOUL, your HEART and your TRUE PASSIONS guide your life and your success in business, health, relationships, and life, to become FULLY AUTHENTIC and FULLY SELF EXPRESSED in the world, while still owning your personal power, strength, creativity, and courage.

Be prepared to go DEEP, to face your shadows, fears, to take on your old programming and way of being, (even though it’s what made you successful thus far), head on, to heal, to transform, to bust out, and to SHOW UP in a whole NEW way in your life, your work, your business, your career, your consciousness, and your relationships.

My work is NOT for the faint of heart, because sometimes it’s scary to face your shadows and the dark, repressed sides of you, to have someone that STANDS FOR YOU at the HIGHEST LEVELS, that SPEAKS THE TRUTH with no sugar coating or dancing around, and calls you on your sh*t, keeps it real, raw, unfiltered, and honest, while ALWAYS coming from a deep sense of love, caring, service, and very hard earned wisdom.

We will dive deep into your old programming and energies that are running your life, DEEP into your Soul, to strip away anything and everything that stands in your way of YOU being and feeling FULLY ALIVE…we will blast it wide open, and then REMOVE any and all blocks to your HIGHEST LIFE, purpose, and calling, as well as into all the important areas of your life…health, spirituality, relationships, work etc. You WILL see massive change no matter how “successful” you already are, millionaires and billionaires are no exception.

You WILL become a NEW and HIGHER version of yourself beyond your wildest dreams, and there will be a sense of joy that overcomes you that you may have never felt before.

IF you’re willing to do the work AND to play in the process, you WILL Soar.

YES, sometimes there WILL be tears, pains to deal with, fears, not wanting to do the work, and facing your “Sh*t” so you can finally let it go. It’s not always easy, it takes courage, strength, and being BOLD, but, on the other side is YOUR TRUE FREEDOM, where you’ll be FULLY CONSCIOUS and AWAKE, while LIVING and LOVING from a DEEP, peaceful place INSIDE YOU, and that’s what this is ALL about.


My coaching and mentoring is HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED and EXPERIENTIAL, designed to deliver you to the place of REAL FREEDOM and your ULTIMATE Life as a Soul and Human Being, living YOUR potential and being TOTALLY FREE to BE Yourself at the HIGHEST LEVEL connected to YOUR TRUE SOURCE and TRUE CALLING.

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